Tips on Preventing Car Accidents Tolland County CT

Tips on Preventing Car Accidents Tolland County CT

If you're located in Tolland County, CT, and are looking for tips on preventing car accidents, look no further! According to this scientific article, 3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year in car accidents. In Tolland County alone, multiple happen every month. If you're curious about the accidents that go on specifically in Tolland County, then take a look at the weekly reports on for the latest news.

How to Prevent Car Accidents

Follow traffic rules and regulations

Obeying the speed limit and following the laws of the road are of upmost importance. Negligent driving can cause serious, even fatal accidents that are completely avoidable. Avoid rushing through yellow lights, failing to stop at stop signs and not yielding to pedestrians.

Put your seat belt on while driving

Wearing your seat belt is vital because is greatly reduces the chances of road accidents. When traveling in a motor vehicle, buckle up!

Cautious Driving

One of the best ways to avoid car accidents is to be a defensive driver. By doing so, you may foresee possible accidents. In addition, being cautious and courteous on the road allows for less stressful situations such as racing through yellow lights, turning right on red, and yielding to stop signs.

Don't Drink & Drive

According to these records, 30 people die every day in the United States in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers. Driving under the influence is not only incredibly dangerous, but also completely unnecessary. In recent years, the availability of driving services such as Lyft and Uber, have made it so that there is no excuse for driving under the influence. These services have apps you can use directly from your smartphone.

Another useful tip to help minimize car accidents is by leaving a safe distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you. Lastly, adjust your mirrors correctly when operating a motor vehicle. Once you have your mirrors properly aligned, be sure to use them every 10-15 seconds to stay in control of your surroundings. Knowing what is happening all around your own vehicle can help you make a quick decision if necessary.

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Tips on Preventing Car Accidents Tolland County CT