Bundy Motors Inc. is your local Mansfield CT car care center. With a 4 decade history in Tolland, you can trust Bundy Motors to keep your vehicle in top operating condition year round. Our service technicians are highly trained, at the top of their game. We operate the leading auto repair shop east of the Connecticut River. For Auto Repair Services – New Tires – Brake Service – Auto Maintenance and Repair – you will find it all at Bundy Motors. Make Bundy your friendly neighborhood auto

Automobile Repair in Tolland County

Call Bundy for top notch Mansfield CT auto repair. When your car needs maintenance or repair, call Bundy Motors and breathe easy. Bundy Motors, Inc. has been an auto repair center in Tolland County for forty years. The shop may be best known for our Classic Car Restoration.  We have a talented professional staff in the Service department that will treat your car with the TLC it deserves. We enjoy a reputation as a friendl

Tolland County Auto Repair

Rely on Bundy Motors for Mansfield CT auto repairs and maintenance. For over 40 years now, area motorists have brought their vehicles to Bundy Motors. For safety as well as longevity, you should have a maintenance schedule for your family's vehicles To keep your car, truck or suv in top running condition, fluids, belts, brakes and tires should be monitored periodically. Your car needs different fluids and tire pressures in summe

Car Maintenance and Repair

Trust Bundy Motors for the best car care in Mansfield CT and all of Tolland County.  With the proper upkeep, your car will give you years of pleasure. Bring your car to Bundy Automotive for regular tune-ups and seasonal maintenance. Bundy Automotive is number one in the area for domestic and foreign auto repair.  Our first love is classic car restoration and auto body work. Today we have earned a reputation for excellence in main

Automobile Care Near Mansfield CT

Bundy Motors is first in auto repairs for customers in Mansfield CT.  We are a full service auto repair, maintenance, and restoration company. We were established right here in Tolland County. We are well known for our meticulous classic car restoration and auto body work.  When your car needs maintenance, repair, a tune-up, or a little TLC, call Bundy Motors. We assure your vehicle will receive the very best service avail

Automobile Repair Mansfield CT

Bundy Motors is first in Auto Repair for Mansfield and Coventry CT. We have served our friends and neighbors in Tolland County for over 4 decades. We are well known for our meticulous classic car restoration and auto body work.  When your car needs maintenance, repair, a tune-up, or a little TLC, call Bundy Motors. We assure your vehicle will receive the very best service available. Bundy Motors, Inc. has a talented profession

Expert Auto Repair Tolland County CT

Bundy Motors is Mansfield and Coventry's trusted local auto repair resource. We the expert car repair center your neighbors have trusted for decades. For forty years, Bundy Motors has excelled in repair and maintenance of your cars, trucks and SUVs.  Our expert technicians have earned a reputation for excellence and keep up with the latest diagnostic technology. The Bundy Team provides diagnostic services, car maintenance, tune-ups, fluid, belt and

In Mansfield CT your local car maintenance and repair specialists are Bundy Motors. We are Tolland County's trusted source for auto repair and seasonal maintenance. To keep your car running optimally, take the time to schedule your vehicle for seasonal car care. All hoses and belts should be inspected. Windshield wiper blades, headlights, parking lights, brake lights and interior bulbs should all be operational. Tires must be roadworthy and inflated to the proper pressure. Brake, windshield wipe

Bundy Motors ranks among the very best in auto repair, diagnostics and maintenance throughout Tolland County CT. Not only are we at the top of our game when it comes to auto repair, our specialty is classic car restoration. For all your automotive needs and body work, you can trust Bundy Motors. Call 860-872-7800.   Reviewer Ed M. from Tolland CT gives us a 5-star review:

Automobile Repair serving Mansfield CT

For the best auto repair services in and around Mansfield CT, take your vehicle to Bundy Motors. For Automobile Repair, Collision Repair, and Classic Car Restoration, our skill and expertise are unmatched. With over 75 years of combined experience, our team is the best in the region. We are your neighborhood auto repair experts. Bundy Motors is  a friendly, reliable and trustworthy establishment, serving Tolland County