Car Appraisal


Bundy Automotive specializes in Diminished Value Appraisals, Classic Car Appraisals, and Third Party Appraisals. We strive to deliver fair and accurate Independent Vehicle Appraisal. We provide professional vehicle appraisal and claims assistance to help vehicle owners recover what they’re entitled to. Whether your vehicle was totaled or repaired, we can help you collect what is rightfully owed to you. Our years of experience in the automobile claims and appraisal business along with our extensive knowledge of vehicle repairs and vehicle values have helped thousands of individuals collect what is rightly owed to them following an automobile accident.

For Classic Car Appraisal, Our bumper to bumper inspection process will evaluate the body, structure, frame, interior, electrical, and mechanical components of your Classic Car. We will then provide a complete valuation of your vehicle based on our nationwide research.