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Auto Repair in Ellington CT

Bundy Motors Inc is your best option for auto repair in Ellington CT. To begin, Your friends and neighbors have trusted our mechanics for over 40 years! We are experts at engine diagnostics and offer services for all types of repairs.  Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs, call Bundy Motors today.

Experienced Technicians

To begin, We only employ the most experienced mechanics. They have years of experience working with all car makes and models of car. If you are hesitant on where to bring your vehicle, then we want to assure you that Bundy Automotive provides the most efficient and trusted services in the area.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

In this paragraph, we will describe the wide range of services we provide. Bundy Automotive is a one-stop solution to repair all your vehicle's problems. For example, whether you need an alignment or engine swap, we will be able to help. Moreover, any type of Auto Repair needed in Ellington CT can visit Bundy Auto for.

We provide a variety of services, including car appraisals, collision repair, and towing. Providing all of these services within one shop is what makes us unique compared to other shops.

Customer Service

To continue, our automotive customer service representatives rank number 1 in the state. More importantly, they are well trained and always take your concerns seriously. We listen to your problems and quickly present the solution to solve them. We will aways provide you with an upfront cost and only recommend services your car actually needs.

With our professionals, you can be sure that your car is in the best hands. Call (860) 872-7800 to learn more about what Bundy Motors can do for you.

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