In the Willington area, take you car to Bundy Motors for seasonal car maintenance. For decades we have served Tolland County residents for car repair and auto body work. We would like to remind you to remember to prepare your vehicle for the changing seasons. Replace the windshield wiper blades, fore and aft, and inspect your headlights, parking lights, brake lights and interior bulbs. Inspect your tires, inflate your tires to the proper pressure, and make sure you have a spare in the trunk and

Bundy Motors ranks among the very best in auto repair and maintenance throughout Tolland County CT. A trustworthy establishment, Bundy Motors Inc. has ASE Certified technicians doing your repairs.  When you need a reputable auto repair shop near Willington, just remember one thing: you can't go wrong with Bundy Motors.  One way to keep your car purring like a kitten long-term is with a preventive maintenance program. The last thing you need in extreme heat or cold weather is to have your ca