Whether you've just purchased a new car or have been driving the same one for years, it's important to schedule oil changes at Bundy Motors in Tolland CT.  It's no secret that car oil changes are important. But did you know that they offer a range of benefits for your vehicle? From increased fuel efficiency to longer engine life, there are plenty of reasons to make sure you get your car's oil changed on schedule. The following are some of the key benefits of oil changes and why you should visit Bundy Motors for your next oil change.

1.    Increased Fuel Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of regular car oil changes is improved fuel efficiency. The oil in a vehicle lubricates all moving parts in its engine, making running easier. It also reduces friction that can cause less efficient use of gasoline or diesel.

If you skip an oil change, your car's engine oil will become thicker and less effective at lubricating the moving parts, leading to decreased fuel efficiency.

2.    Longer Engine Life

Another big benefit of car oil changes is that they help extend the life of your vehicle's engine. When you don't change your car's oil on a regular basis, all moving parts in the engine end up grinding against each other, leading to wear and tear on your engine. This causes a decrease in fuel efficiency and cuts down your vehicle's lifespan significantly.

3.    Better Engine Performance

Regular car oil changes can also lead to improved engine performance. When the engine's oil isn't fresh, it starts forming deposits on the metal surfaces inside the engine. This not only makes the engine work harder than it should, but these deposits can also cause damage to the engine over time.

4.    Smoother Driving Experience

When you get regular car oil changes, you'll notice that your driving experience is smoother than ever. That's because the clean oil lubricates all those moving parts in your engine, allowing it to run smoothly and with less friction.

Why Schedule Service at Bundy Automotive

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable car service center, look no further than Bundy Motors Inc. We offer a wide range of services, including oil changes, brake repairs, and more. Our experts can help you keep your car in top condition for years to come. Plus, we have a great selection of used cars for sale so that you can find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Why wait? Call (860) 872-7800.

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