Best Automobile Repair in Tolland County CT

Bundy Motors is first in auto repair, collision repair and classic car restoration serving Coventry CT.  Bundy runs a trustworthy establishment, with ASE Certified technicians doing your repairs.  When you need a reputable auto repair shop in Tolland County, just remember one thing: you can't go wrong with Bundy Motors.  One way to keep your car purring like a kitten long-term is with a preventive maintenance program. The last thing you need in extreme weather is to have your car break down.  Driving with defrosters on, wipers running, or creeping along on a slick highway for a half hour in a snowstorm or freezing rain puts a strain on your cooling system. In extreme cold, hoses and belts may fail to work properly. If it has been a while since hoses, belts and fluids have been checked and replenished, call and make an appointment for service right away. Bundy Motors is  a friendly, reliable and trustworthy establishment, serving Tolland County and surrounding areas for 40 years.

With Bundy Motors' thorough diagnostic services, our service crew will find trouble before it starts. Bring your vehicle in for all fluid, belt and hose replacements.  When we find something wrong with your car, we do our best to find cost-effective repair and maintenance alternatives whenever necessary. At Bundy Automotive, expect courteous and discourse and timely solutions. We have been your neighborhood auto repair and collision repair experts for decades, and we would be happy to meet you. Call (860) 872-7800.

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